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    September 6, 2019

    Fire activity over the past few days increased on ongoing incidents but there have been relatively few new fires which were quickly extinguished. Several prescribed burn have been initiated. We remain fully staffed and our resources are prepared to respond to new fires.We are expecting decreased activity on many of the below fires due to the next several days of cooler and wetter conditions.

    Fire activity:

    The forest conducted four prescribed burns over the past week. 80 acres on the Barnard Junction project and 50 acres on the Moose Kelly project and 250 acres on the Long Creek project were ignited on the North Fork Ranger District. These fires will be allowed to continue to burn naturally and restore the natural fire process in the areas. All fires are showing only minimal activity which is expected to remain with the wetter weather forecast. See Inciweb section below for more information.

    The Lochsa District ignited 500 acres on the Weitas project. Minimal fire activity is expected.

    The Salmon River District burned 550 acres on the Wickiup project on the 4th and 5th. This project has control lines that fire crews will work to ensure they remain secure.

    The North Fork RD is managing the Shale Creek Fire 15 miles east of the Kelly Creek Work Center. This lightning caused fire started on August 26 and is within the Moose Kelly prescribed burn project area. The fire was mapped on Sept. 4 at 550 acres. The Kelly Creek Trail has a partial closure. See Inciweb.

    The Lochsa-Powell Ranger District is managing the Tumble and Hungry Creek Fires for resource objectives. They are 1 acre and 84 acres respectively. The Tumble Fire is just north of the Split Creek Bridge on Hwy 12. The Hungry Creek Fire is 5 miles north along the Hungery Creek drainage.

    The Lochsa-Powell Ranger District continues to manage the 214 acre Crab Fire under a full-suppression strategy. Indirect line construction is complete. All resources have been released from the fire. Minimal fire activity. Trail and road closures remain in effect. See Inciweb.

    The Moose Creek Ranger District is managing the 1092 acre Barren Hill Fire in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area for resource objectives. Trail closures remain in effect. See Inciweb.

    There are currently 9 fires that are being managed for resource objectives. Many are in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. Air patrols monitor daily.