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  • 4. Bald Mountain Lookout


    From Potlatch, Idaho, take Highway 6 east for 22 miles. Turn right onto Forest Service Road (FSR) #377. Drive for 8 miles until you reach FSR 377a, then drive one mile on FSR 377a to the lookout.


    Bald Mountain Lookout offers the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable views and participate in a variety of recreational opportunities. It was built in 1956 and was used as a fire lookout until 1984. Guests can drive to the lookout in vehicles with good ground clearance, but trailers are not recommended due to some rough spots on the road. It is 50 feet off the ground with a stairway that leads to a catwalk surrounding the lookout room, which offers incredible views.

    The lookout is typically open from early July through early October. The accommodations are mostly primitive, but some conveniences are provided. Guests will need to bring some of their own supplies for a comfortable experience. A table, four chairs, futon, and cots are provided. Propane appliances include a cooking stove and heater. There are no modern restroom facilities, water, or electricity.

    To reserve a stay at Bald Mountain Lookout, please visit Cost is $45 per night.

    Website: Bald Mountain Lookout